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Legal Descriptions of Phases
Articles of Incorporation Castle Harbour

The documentation included below are not to be utilized for resale disclosure.

Bylaws and Declaration of Covenants are accessible for review by members of the association.By-Laws and Declaration of Covenants

Declarations and By-laws
Amendment to the Bylaws
1st Amendment
2nd Amendment
3rd Amendment
4th Amendment
5th Amendment
6th Amendment
7th Amendment
8th Amendment
9th Amendment
10th Amendment
11th Amendment
12th Amendment


Parking Application Pet Registration Application

Architectural Request Form


House Rules

Castle Harbour Rules

Approved Minutes

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Update Contact Info

It is very important to provide the Association and Pinnacle Properties Management with the most up to date contact information. Please make sure that you have provided us with your most up to date phone and email information.

Information Update

Assessment Payment

If you would like the Association to automatically process your payments via ACH withdrawal or credit card, please fill out form and return it to the management company through USPS or via email at To ensure the accuracy of your information, please also include a voided check with your completed form.
Assessments – $215.00
BB and T 
PO Box 628207 
Orlando, FL 

ACH Form

Insurance Documents
MEMORANDUM Insurance Responsibilities